Cabinet Painting Palm Beach Gardens

Cabinet Painting Palm Beach GardensThe kitchen cabinets in your home or office pull the entire room together. Don’t allow an old finish or dull cabinet paint job to bring down the effect of a beautifully painted room. Painting cabinets is the last thing a property owner wants to do themselves. Not only is cabinet painting Palm Beach Gardens a time-consuming process that requires the removal of each cabinet piece, but also a steady hand to create a smooth finish and meticulous prep work to make sure each edge is straight. Finally, after all the painting is complete, you will need to reattach everything exactly as it was! Avoid the headache, and hire the professionals at Precision Painting.


Our Cabinet Painting Services

With over 25 years of experience painting cabinets, our process has become completely streamlined in order to maximize our efficiency. We paint all types of cabinets, from kitchen cabinets to workshops cabinets in garages or classrooms. 

Our cabinet painting process:

  • Remove all cabinet panels & lay them on a flat surface.
  • Remove all cabinet features such as handles and locks. 
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces. 
  • Sand and apply a layer of primer. (Once surfaces are dry)
  • Use a paint sprayer designed explicitly for cabinet painting. (Unless you request brushwork.)

Let us take your cabinets to the next level!

Types of Cabinet Painting

Wood Cabinet Painting in Palm Beach Gardens

For a durable final project that is easy to clean, wood cabinets should be painted with either a semigloss, gloss, or satin finish. Our team of experts will help you determine the best color scheme for your cabinets in order to give your room the final touch you’re looking for.

MDF Cabinet Painting in Palm Beach Gardens

MDF is an engineered wood constructed of wood fiber, wax, resign, and is a durable alternative to plywood. It doesn’t crack or warp and is easy to personalize with a fresh paint job. Medium-Density Fiberboard (or MDF) cabinets are excellent for painted finishes.

Plywood Cabinet Painting in Palm Beach Gardens

Plywood cabinets are a fantastic option if you’re looking for durability and longevity. In order to bring new life into your plywood, we’ll sand down each surface, add a coat of primer, and then paint all your cabinets with two coats of premium stain-resistant paint.

Specialty Cabinet Finishes

Specialty finishes emphasize the grain and character of your cabinets’ wood. To preserve the natural beauty of your cabinets, we spray the stain finish evenly over the cabinet surface. We can recommend an array of sealers and topcoats to create a smooth, high-quality finish.

Specialty Cabinet Glazes

Specialty cabinet glazes are a clear coating of color painted over the base coat of your cabinets. Many decorative painting techniques require glaze, which adds a rich and multidimensional layer to your paint job. Let us give your cabinets the glaze you’ve always envisioned for your space.


Freshly Coated Commercial Projects

Whether you’re looking to freshen up the cabinet surfaces in your home kitchen or office kitchen, we have the skill and experience to create your desired ambiance. Our cabinet painting contractors will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations.