Tips for Peeling Paint in Florida

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Peeling Paint

Trim: It’s very common for areas on the trim to begin peeling. Most trim that’s peeling is real wood, such as 1×2’s used on the fascia, door trim, garage trim, or railings. In addition to any real wood on the house, any areas where moisture accumulates. These areas take a lot of abuse from moisture sitting on them and drying, as well as the sun constantly beating down on the paint. Once the paint begins to peel, those areas on your home are now exposed to the weather. When water gets into the wood, or is constantly running through the wood, you’ll begin to see the wood turn grey and rot. This leads to a replacement, which can be very costly. Any areas on your home that are peeling will most likely be the same areas that will peel in the future. We recommend taking special care of these kinds of areas. By scraping off any peeling paint, we can be sure not to apply onto a surface that is already peeling. Sanding this area will smooth out the edge between what has peeled off and what has not peeled, and sanding will also create a better surface for us to apply the paint. Finally, after the area has been scraped and sanded, we recommend using a high-quality primer to seal this area. The sanded wood creates a rough surface for the primer to bond to, and the primer will create a better surface for the paint to adhere toand bond to than just applying paint to the wood.

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