Tips for Fading Paint in Florida

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Fading or chalking is another very common problem in The Sunshine State.  Florida’s sun exposure blasts your home with UV rays breaking down the resin in the paint. Resin is the primary component in paint that protects the home. Pigment gives it the color. When the house starts to fade, this is an indication that the resin has broken down in the paint and there is minimal protection on your home. Without protection on the house, moisture will get into the stucco, concrete or boards and lead to more cracking or warped boards which can be very expensive to repair. We recommend a power wash to wash off any dust and residue from the chalking. For sides that experience the most sunlight, we also recommend a second coat or a coat of primer for extra protection. This will provide a higher level of resin and protection for that side of the home, ensuring that it will not fade as quickly so you can avoid costly repairs in the future and a longer-lasting paint job.

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