Tips for Cracking Paint in Florida

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Cracking Paint

Cracking is one of the most common paint problems in Florida.
Too many painters use inexpensive and low-quality caulking when painting your house. In the heat and humidity, this caulking doesn’t hold up and begins to break down and crack leaving your home exposed. Moisture can get into these cracks and goes back behind your boards. This leads to boards warping away from the house, or boards rotting from the inside out. In order to properly protect your home, we recommend resealing all of these cracks with a siliconized acrylic caulking. Silicone is more flexible than standard contractors caulking, so it will breathe with the house and last longer. However, the paint will not stick to silicone caulking. Therefore, we recommend siliconized acrylic caulking that will hold paint, and last longer.

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