An Exterior Paint Job is the Biggest Bang for the Buck

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Biggest Bang for the Buck – Exterior Paint

The least expensive investment in your home with HUGE returns.

Did you know that the single highest return on your investment you can make on your home is a fresh coat of exterior paint? Hiring professional, licensed painters to come in and perform all of the proper prep work such as sanding, priming, caulking and patching damaged areas of your home, followed by a fresh coat of paint to the body and trim, leaving precise clean lines, adds $10K – $15K to the  value of a standard 2000 square foot home. So, If these services cost $5K to produce you are literally doubling or even tripling your investment! AND. If you are trying to sell, this added curb appeal will broaden the market of potential buyers by 33%! Consider working with a color consultant as well to help pick color combinations that really pop while keeping your target market as broad as possible. You may really love your purple house with pink trim but a lot of people will see that and not even notice your beautifully paved circular drive way or impeccable, mature landscaping. Choose from a pallet of softer more neutral color combinations such as an antique beige with white trim or a soft light blue with white trim and black shutters. Another great way to choose colors is to drive around your neighborhood and look at similar houses and pick your 3 favorites then narrow it down to one. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression and when it comes to your home this is almost always the condition of the exterior. If there are chips and cracks in the paint and walls of your home that can be a direct indication as to how you care for the rest of your home even if that’s not the case, it is the perception! If you haven’t examined your homes exterior in a while then take a walk around and look closely at facia board, window trim, and soffits. If you see cracking or peeling in any of these areas, odds are you also have fading and other potential problems. Take a good honest look at your home and give it the care it needs. If you take care of the exterior paint of your home it will take care of you for decades to come!

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